Challenge:  AKQA Future Lions prompt - Connect an audience of your choosing to a product or service from a global brand in a way that wasn't possible three years ago.

Problem: Everyday more people are becoming aware of climate change, but current initiatives are too intimidating and require too much effort. People aren't fully educated on how they can help and don't have time to make change in their daily lives. 

Strategy:  Becoming more educated about how you can save the environment is easier than you think.

We Built a bridge between intimidating enviromental issues and simple soulutions within everyday life on the one of the most widely used social platforms, Snapchat.

Approach: Red Bull + Snapcode & Discover Section on Snapchat = Red Bull Renew – a social campaign connected by Snapchat snapcodes on Redbull cans &  in areas where Redbull “drinkers & doers” gather. 

** RedBull recognized and gave high regards to idea behind campaign



Brand Lovers to Can Lovers

This is a business case I presented to Red Bull Chicago as one of the 3 finalist vying for a spot in Red Bull's summer internship program. 

Problem: 96% of people ages 18 - 34 know of the Red Bull brand but only 40% of them have consumed the product in the last year.

Below is a presentation that explains Red Bulls' 360 marketing mix, a SWOT analysis of the brand and 3 ways to turn 'Brand lovers into can Lovers'.