I started working at Emerald Media Group as a politics reporter on the news desk. I stayed awake at night trying to learn the ins and outs of Eugene city politics.

It wasn’t my thing.

A few months later I joined Pine Public Relations, where I created content and managed the Instagram account of Bell, a local housing company that provides housing to many students at the University of Oregon. Pine eventually merged with Venture Dept. and I became a marketing strategist.

At the end of summer of 2015, the firm structure shifted again as we began showcasing Emerald Media Group as its own agency, simplifying the branding. I am Currently Lead Social Media Coordinator for Emerald Media Group.

These transitions taught me a lot about brand loyalty – people like 1 brand, not 3 or 4 that are somewhat related to each other.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 5.09.20 PM.png

I helped create and am currently running the ‘Emerald Essentials’ campaign. This campaign displays different student profiles at the University of Oregon showing how the Daily Emerald ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Web, Print, and Emerald Mobile) are all essential to their everyday lives. The Content for this campaign runs on all Daily Emerald Social accounts and in the print editions every week.

I manage and oversee all Ducks Housing Social Accounts (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram). Ducks Housing is a simple search engine intended to make finding a place to live easier for students in Eugene. 

Property management companies pay to have their listings included in the results and the service is free for students to use. I am responsible for social media campaigns to spread brand awareness for Ducks Housing.

To promote the website I helped craft an integrated marketing plan that included: a social media campaign on Twitter and Facebook, print and web ads in The Emerald, reaching students through in-person canvassing and tabling on campus.

I recently launched the social accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) for ducksdining.com– a website that creates a simple way for students in Eugene to find dining in and around campus.